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An Update: Post-Graduation and the Bar July 17, 2012

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I’ve seen that this site still gets a small amount of traffic, despite not having really being used in the past two years.

A common problem with blogs that were put together to document the experiences of 1Ls is that they often lose their relevance in later years.  I used to always find it so sad that I never found out what these people ended up doing, because their sagas were certainly interesting up to the point I had read.

I guess going through the experience has made it make a bit more sense.  Let me give a VERY quick rundown of my 2L and 3L years and give a quick hint of what my future holds.


I found myself constantly busy.  I had the philosophy that if I’m offered the opportunity to do anything say yes.  I ran trips, organized events for my student org, was on a journal, was in a public policy clinic, took classes in corporations and the constitution.  I also started hanging out with my friends from before law school more, going out at night more, seeing New York more.  It was an extremely exhilarating and exhausting year.

Finally, I worked at a summer associate at a firm somewhere between BigLaw and MidSized.  I liked the environment a lot, everyone was friendly.  Most importantly the office was business casual, so I was rarely overheated, and got to sit at my desk with my sleeves rolled up.


3L year want from lazy, to even more lazy.  I basically spent the majority of the year playing video games, and hanging with friends in New Jersey.  I was kind of “over” law school by this point.  It all made so much sense there was hardly any need to worry.  If anything, my position on my journal was the primary causer of most of my stress.  I also learned to cook even more variety of stuff on account of me having a real kitchen because I finally moved off campus.



I’m studying for the Bar exam, which is a week away.  Its really the most terrible thing ever.  It makes 1L finals seem like a breeze.  After I take the bar I’m going on a longggggg vacation, and I’m going to start up work at my firm sometime in September or October.


So that’s that.  I might post a few random law school musings here and there and will check back occasionally to see if there are comments by freaked out 0Ls.





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